IMG_20150722_104402Banana Island, Lagos is an artificial Island in Lagos, Nigeria.
It is a popularly known foreshore estate located in Ikoyi axis of Lagos state. Listed as the most expensive neighbourhood in Nigeria by Forbes as far back as 2011 .

“It is the play ground for most of Nigeria’s obscenely wealthy.” IMG_20150722_104649

As at 2013-2014 plots within this estate sold for as much as 150,000- 200,000 naira per square. All that has changed months into the year 2015 the level of appreciation if calculated is about 40%. For investors who bought into the idea of re-selling after sometime are sure in for a jolly ride. Towards the end of 2014 owners made available smaller sizes less than 1000 sqm to interested investors. Due to prices not everyone can afford to buy plots with sizes above 1000 sqm.

– Current Prices & Sizes Available For 2015
The smallest sizes made available for sale in the ‘Residential Axis’ of Banana Island are 551 sqm land & it will cost any interested buyer close to $1,000,000 Million Dollars, the least of 180 million naira was agreed after negotiations.
Also available is 645 sqm land listed for 260 Million Naira.
Plots measuring close to 1000 square meters are sold at 350,000 thousand per square meter.
Any Property on a land size measuring 1000 sqm is sold from prices not less than 350,000,000 Million Naira.
Plots not located on a water front is listed for as much as 350,000 Thousand naira per square meter.
Residential Plots come in 2(two forms) a bare land or a water front plot.
Water front plots are listed from 350,000, 380,000 & 400,000 Thousand naira per square meter.
Also listed are 1035 sqm, 2150 sqm , 2700 sqm & 5200 sqm Plots in the ‘J’ Zone.
Kindly note that water-front plots within the ‘residential zone’ are located in the ‘J’ zone.

Houses within the residential axis built for rental purposes command as much as $125,000 – $150,000 Dollars in Naira equivalent per annum. While well finished 3 & 4 bedroom apartments in a compact unit of 4 with basic luxury amenities are listed for as much as $60,000 usd – $85,000 usd.
There are furnished apartments as well based on requests.
Also Available in the ‘Commercial Axis’ of the estate are bigger plots with competitive prices.

These plots are also in different forms – some are located on Water fronts and other normal bare plots. Also note that 99% of Water Front plots located in the ‘COMMERCIAL ZONE’ is mostly located in the ‘L’ zone.

There is a 2550 sqm Water Front plot in the ‘L’ zone selling for 400,000 per square meter. Also listed in the commercial zone is a massive 19,244 sqm bare land located very close to the famous high-rise structures inside the estate.
There are Pent House Apartments available for rent & sale in the mini estate.
Rent for 3 & 4 Bedroom Apartments per annum start from $100,000 Thousand Dollars per annum to $120,000 Thousand Dollars per annum. Prices are listed from $1.4 Million Dollars to as much as $2.1 Million Dollars for a top floor apartment.

There is a 100% guarantee that properties bought within the estate will always gain 20% – 35% increase yearly.
Like we have clearly stated it is the play-ground for the obscenely wealthy.

For further inquiries Call 08059706067 or email:



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