Did you know that today’s richest African, AlikoDangote, got an equivalent of more than today’s N200 million at an early age of 22 to start his business. The N500,000.00 he got from his uncle in 1978 would have bought 59 units of brand new Peugeot 504 at N7,500 each then. Toyota Corolla is today’s equivalent of the then Peugeot 504. The value of 59 units of Toyota Corolla is (59 @ N3.8m) N224.2 million. That must have indeed been a great leverage for him in life, business and his current position today. 

The morale of the story above; if you can have access to an asset you can covert to cash of N40 to N100 million naira today or your child some ten or fifteen years down the line, on his or her 21st, 22nd or 23rd birthday, can leverage on a start-up capital of between N40 to N100 million, would it make any meaningful difference in you or your child’s future? Think deeply about this. 

Please patiently digest the content below. I have been deliberately detailed so as to help you see what’s possible and learn from other’s real life experiences (success and regrets) as you consider an OPPORTUNITY IN NIGERIA’S MOST VALUABLE AND PROFITABLE REAL ESTATE HUB.

A few days ago, the first quarter of that much anticipated New Year – 2014, ended. If you are mindful of time, seasons and opportunities, you would have already had plans and taken into account achievements you want to accomplish before the year spans out. And, I hope that investments – particularly in real estate is one of them. But if it is not, do not worry; you are just about on time. 

Here’s a unique opportunity to either start planning your own home, investing in and or get additional investment in real estate. You could also help add a great deal of value and leverage to your children’s future now, by buying real estate (NOW & CHEAP) for them as they grow up. With the massive rapid development ongoing in the Lekki Peninsular axis of Lagos Nigeria, it will not take too long before properties even in Ibeju-Lekki becomes out of the reach of several millions of people just as is being witnessed in Lekki Phase 1 and Ajah today. 

With the Free Trade Zone, Deep sea Port, the new International Airport among several other developments, it is a matter of time before another Apapa (with GRA, business and industrial hub and seaports etc) is replicated with better standards and facilities in the Ibeju-Lekki axis. Imagine the kind of real estate value that would be commanded by someone who had bought a piece of land in Apapa or Ajao Estate/Airport road axis when these facilities were still being developed. 

Fast forward Ibeju-Lekki 10 to 15 years from today when all the public utilities mentioned above must have been fully developed and in operation. A plot of land would surely sell for no less than N40m I can guarantee you. How many people would be able to afford that? Your guess is as good as mine – very few. But today, a lot of people including me and you can afford it i.e. at N1.5m or N135,000.00 monthly for 12 months. And N1,080,000.00 or N80,000.00 monthly or even less for our two SEVEN STAR rated estates and other estates currently being developed by PWAN Limited. Details will come shortly. But before that, let’s look at some real life stories concerning land investment opportunities that some of us and our clients have had:

Some Mouth Watering Experiences 
we have come Across


A certain family came to Ajah neighbourhood over 12 years ago when land in Thomas Estate (along the road) was selling for less than N100,000.00. Their business was doing well and they had three cars in the family. They could afford to buy but they did not. The place was relatively still lonely at the time so they never gave the several offers made to them a second thought. Today, a plot in the same Thomas Estate sells for over N25m. When they eventually bought a plot in the Oluwatedo area in 2011, they paid over N10m with “abeg sir”. Just imagine what they would be worth today if they had bought 6 plots for N600,000 then – the price of one of their three cars! A whooping N150 million.

Two years ago, we witnessed the sale of two plots of land bought by one lady in 2001 in the Majek neighbourhood, after Oluwatedo for N50, 000.00 (i.e. N25, 000.00 per plot). These two plots were sold for over N8 million recently and it is very far inside Bashorun Estate. We begged to allow us photocopy the old purchase receipt and it is still with us.


A certain man had an opportunity to buy land in Ajah neighbourhood in 1999. He was taken to the place by an agent who happened to be his friend. He told the Agent that he was not interested but if he wants, he can lend him money to buy. He loaned his friend the agent N300,000.00 with which he bought one Acre i.e. six plots. Today, those six plots are worth over N60 million. Did the man miss anything?

In 1999, the man considered Ajah as bush and refused to invest. By this time, Chevron and VGC were a stone throw away and those two facilities were enough pointers to the future of the neighbourhood yet he couldn’t discern this. In Ibeju-Lekki the pointers are the facilities and public utilities (International Airport, Deep Sea port, Free Trade Zone, Amen Estate, La’Canpaigne Tropicana etc.) earlier mentioned. Can you discern now!


The last story I will give is a personal one. In 2008, while fully engaged with the Asset Management firm where I had my first ever corporate experience, I had opportunity – with the knowledge of my organization, to do a real estate deal that saw me earn about N3 million over a period of 10 months. I invested the money in 8 plots of land (N400,000.00 per plot) in an estate in Mowe. Today, a plot of land in the same estate sells for about N2 million and the value of the 8 plots would be around N15 million. All things being equal, I plan to wait till each plot can sell for N5 million and sell some or all and then smile to the bank with N40 million.


Because of the nature of my job, I make lots of trips to several building project sites, new sites or emerging towns across Lagos and Ogun state in particular (by the way, Lagos state only has boundaries with Ogun state), and everywhere I go, I have observed a trend that is very worrying. The local artisans i.e. the Bricklayers, Tailors, Welders, Carpenters, mechanics etc., (who earn a lot less than most of us formally educated folks do), building their own houses more often while we – the supposedly more knowledgeable guys are paying them rents (exorbitant rents for that matter) year in-year out. Please pause to think on this too – who is your landlord?

I wish I had always been this smart earlier. But right now I am working harder and trusting God to make up for lost opportunities and wish you too can make better investment decisions for your future if you are not already doing so. 

Also, in my tour of this Ibeju-Lekki axis, I have seen the footprints of some prominent Nigerian multi-millionaires and billionaires and some celebrated Nigerian and foreign brands silentlypositioning themselves and taking vast choice land portions. One of them is the Eleganza man. I still remember how his massive estate after Chevron used to be “in the bush” almost in the middle of nowhere. Another is Prof Utomi’s prestigious Pan-African University Me, I don follow them ooo…! I don’t know about you. 

Time and season presents us all with great opportunities. Whether we take advantage of them is another thing entirely. If you are reading this, and you can afford to take advantage of it or you know another person who can, then, here is a great opportunity presented to us on a platter of Gold. Please maximize it. It is our turn.


Folkland Estate (Open Heavens) Phase 1 (Eleranigbe), Ibeju-Lekki 
This is a unique estate that replicates westernized estates as obtainable in the developed countries. It has a world class architectural masterpiece with full infrastructural and recreational facilities such as; electricity, good road network, central sewage disposal system, good drainage system, ultra-modern borehole, shopping malls and recreational facilities among others.Folkland comes in 3 phases with the phase 2 fully sold out as at December 2013.

The property is located at Elerangbe in IbejuLekki, the neighbourhood of Lekki Free Trade Zone, Lagos State Government’s new International Airport, The New Seaport, The Golf Course, Several Estates 

PAYMENT PACKAGESAMOUNTOutright PaymentN1,080,000.0012 Months InstallmentsN1200,000.00Initial PaymentN180,000.00Monthly PaymentsN80,000.00Location $$******* (Super 7 star)Pricing ******* (7 star)

TITLE: Global C of O (in process), Registered Survey Plan and Deed of Assignment. 
BENEFITS: Fast appreciation of the property due to on-going developments such as the Lekki Free Trade Zone and the International Airport. 
PLOT SIZE: 60ft x 120ft or 648 m2

Lekki Villas Bogije, Ibeju-Lekki 
Lekki Villasis a 120 plots mixed use estate development in the neighbourhood of Shapati town, Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos. It is located within the easy access of Lekki Free Trade Zone and New Lagos State International Airport. It is designed to replicate a world class architectural masterpiece with full infrastructural and recreational facilities such as; good road network, electricity, sewage disposal system, good drainage system, ultra-modern borehole and recreational facilities among others.

The property is located in the neighbourhood of Lekki/Epe Expressway, opposite Beachwood Estate. 
TITLE: Global C of O (in process), Registered Survey Plan and Deed of Assignment.SIZE: 60 X 120 FT {648 m2} 

PAYMENT PACKAGESAMOUNTOutright PaymentN1,500,000.0012 Months InstallmentsN1,800,000.00Initial PaymentN300,000.00Monthly PaymentsN125,000.00Location ******* (7 star)Pricing ******* (7 star)

Trinity Gardens & Park (Eleranigbe), Ibeju-LekkiPAYMENT PACKAGESAMOUNTOutright PaymentN594,000.0012 Months InstallmentsN660,000.00Initial PaymentN120,000.00Monthly PaymentsN45,000.00Location * * * * * (5 star)Pricing ***** (5 star)

Dominion Garden City (Awoyaya) With C of O 
Dominion Garden city is set to be a model in the Lekki suburb of the Lagos Island. It is being developed by PWAN Homes (an organization with a mission to make homes ownership available to everyone in Africa) and is set to be a combination of residential serviced plots and apartment estate. 

The estate promises well organized layout and superb facilities that caters to the needs of occupants in the estate. The estate is to house 200 homes beautifully built to beat occupants’ imagination. 

Dominion Garden City is at the Lakowe area of Lekki-Epe expressway close to Green Springs Schools and few minutes’ drive away from May Fair Gardens. The property comes with excellenttitle (C of O) and is just few meters away from the expanding Lekki-Epe expressway. Dominion Garden City is on sales now with up to 200 terrace duplex to be built. 50 plots is up for grabs now, so hurry and have yours today, this is where you really need to invest into your future for better benefits.

LOCATION: The property is located in Lakowe off Lekki Express way by Green spring Schools TITLE: Registered Global C of O 

SIZE:Plots are sold on a per square meter basis or as shown in payment plan below

PLOT SIZESOUTRIGHT PAYMENT6 & 12 MONTHS PLAN N15,000 per m2450 M2N4,500,000.00N6,750,000.00 (N225,000.00 monthly for 30 months installments)675 M2N6,750,000.00N10,125,000.00 (N337,500.00 monthly for 30 months installment)Initial PaymentN180,000.00900 M2N9,000,000.00N13,500,000.00 (N450,000.00 monthly for 30 months installment)Location ******* (7 star)Pricing **** * (5 star)


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