Banana Island Estate    Sales
Located In Zone P & J(RESIDENTIAL)
*Selling rate – N330,000 per sqm

1.    1900m2    Residential – Zone -P
2.    1000m2    Residential (Partitioned)-Zone -P       
3.    900m2    Residential -Zone -P
4.    1100m2    Residential -Zone-J   
5.    1318m2    Residential -Zone-J
6.    3155m2    Residential- Zone-J

Osborne Phase 2        Block    Price
7.   716m2                      1    N95m
8.   1000sqm“                        10    N150m
9.   900 sqm        13    N100m

Parkview Estate
10.  3000m2 waterfront partitioned land with embankment . Price-N230/sqm   
11.  6000m2 waterfront partitioned land with embankment. Price-N230/sqm
12.  1700m2 fully fenced parcel of land–N350m       
13.  1700m2 parcel of land with structure–N380m

Lekki Scheme 1                Block    Price       
14.    3300m2     commercial    (CBD)         6    N300m
15.    6200m2     ”“                            6    N550m       
16.    9500m2      “    “        6    N850m
17.  911m2                                   111    N135m
Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lekki& Environs                   
18.5bedroom ambassadorial detached house with 3 sittings, 2bedroom guestchalet & 2room boys quarters on approx.. 2300m2 land @ Osborne Phase 1, Ikoyi –N650m
19.  1700m2 land ready for development in Osborne Phase 1, Ikoyi – N450m
20.  992m2 land @ Onikoyi, Off Banana Island dual carriage way – N200m
21.1800m2 land @Onikoyi, Off Banana Island dual carriage way – N400m
22.  4nos. contiguous plots totaling 3150m2 @ Onikoyi, Off Banana Island Road Ikoyi– N700m
23.  5bedroom tastefully finished maisonette + 1room servant quarters in BananaIsland Dual Road Ikoyi – N300m
24.4bedroom fully serviced town home + 1room boys quarters,privateswimming pool, garden, gym etc.Banana Island – N250m
25.  2wings 300m2 seventh floor open plan office space + 1room boy quarters each with panoramic view in a newly built high rise building @ Victoria Island – $2m/wing
26.  2no.tastefully finished 5bedroom detached houses + 2room servants quarters each sitting on approx. 600m2 land @ Lekki Phase 1 – N130m each
27.  4no. 4bedroom tastefully finished terraced houses + 1room boys quarters each @ Lekki Right Side By Elf Estate – N90m/unit
28.5 bedroom fully detached house + 1bedroom guest chalet and 2rooms servants quarters @ Chris Otulana Crescent, Lekki Right side– N140m
29.  5bedroom tastefully finished detached house + 1room boys quarters @ Chris Otulana Crescent, Lekki Right side – N120m
30.  3no. 3bedroom tastefully finished &serviced flats + 1room boys quarters each communal swimming pool, generator, ample parking etc within a high rise building @ Oniru Estate–N60m, N70m &N75m
31. 10no. 4bedroom terrace houses + 1room boys quarters each within a mini estate @ OlugboranganBy 2nd Toll Gate – N35m/unit
32.5bedroom tastefully finished semi detached house + 1room boys quarters on approx. 800m2 land @Maroko, Off Mobil Estate Road, Ajah-Ilajeh– N55m
33.    2no. standard plots of land within a site & serviced mini estate @ Maroko, off Mobil Estate Road, Ajah-Ilajeh – N15m/plot
34. 1300m2 vacant land ready for development @ Gbagada – N35m





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